Property in Istanbul unites transport interchanges

This city welcomes everyone, regardless of the level of prosperity, nationality, and interests. PropertyTR company has been working in the Republic of Turkey for a long time and offers residential and commercial property in Istanbul in categories ranging from economy to luxury. The real estate market is rapidly developing, so you can buy inexpensive villas, apartments, apartments or commercial buildings.


Istanbul is a liberal, multicultural city that captivates with its color at a glance. For owners of property in Istanbul, there are a lot of cultural sites, the study of which can spend hours and days. It is home to over 15 million people, including indigenous people and people from other countries. According to statistics, every 5th citizen of Turkey lives in Istanbul.

Istanbul is an association of Europe and Asia, and the famous Bosporus Strait separates the two parts of the World. In the European part there are always a lot of tourists and the whole business life is concentrated, and the Asian one is characterized by a measured, calm rhythm, therefore residents come here from all over the city. Istanbul consists of 39 districts, the most popular for living are considered to be Besiktas, Fatih and Beyoglu.

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